Sofya Skya in the TV reality "Vyzov. Pervye v kosmose" on the Channel One Russia
On September 5, the premiere of the reality show "Vyzov. Pervye v kosmose", in which Hollywood and Russian actress Sofya Skya not only took part but reached the final selection of candidates for the main role in the film under the working title "Vyzov", a joint project of Channel One and Roscosmos, the first-ever feature film to be shot on the International Space Station (ISS).

Sofya Skya: "I want to tell everyone that nothing is impossible. The main thing is to believe in the dream. Here the saying – "If you want very much, you can get even into space" is perfectly applied.

In March 2021, Channel One and Roscosmos announced the start of tests for 20 shortlisted girls for participation. It turned out to be quite a difficult task for most people to pass all the necessary checks and tests for physical fitness, as well as medical examinations. On May 13, the main and backup lineups were announced.

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