Sofya Skya became an ambassador of the 'Dobro Vmeste' platform
Hollywood and Russian actress Sofya Skya, acting coach, founder of the immersive creative space Real Art Studio and the Ras Acting School, recently became an ambassador of the charity fund 'Dobro Vmeste', which helps homeless animals providing food and treatment for them, in the search for caring volunteers.

The platform works on the principle of crowdfunding: you can transfer funds to help cats and dogs by one click. On the site, you can track the rational use of money for its intended purpose and view expense reports in real time.

Sofya Skya: "I am happy to support the activities of the organization 'Dobro Vmeste', created by volunteers and IT specialists under the leadership of director Olga Zhuravleva and my colleague actress Natalia Bardo, for the rescue of animals caught on the streets. These wonderful people have joined forces to support animals, treat them, and find responsible hosts. I am delighted to be involved in this mission and take part in the activities of volunteers".